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The children's choreographic ensemble with the mischievous name "Kalinka" appeared twenty years ago and consisted only of girls. The life of the creative group changed when young instructors joined the team. These new educators got down to work with enthusiasm and made a lot of interesting programmes with their students. Boys started to participate in these programmes as well. The year of 1985 is considered the official date of the foundation of the group. Five instructors and five leaders of the choir of high qualification work in "Kalinka".
The instructors give classes in twenty eight study groups including more than 380 children of different age groups, from 6 to 18 years old.
The ensemble is supervised by the educator of the highest qualification category - Lyudmila Mikhailovna Meyet.
"Kalinka" is one of the best children's choreographic ensembles of Saint Petersburg. It has reached a high artistic level in its creative work and concert activity. "Kalinka" has the right to bear the name of an exemplary group. The ensemble has a rich creative life. It was especially interesting for the ensemble to participate in the opening ceremony of Good Will Games, in the international festivals of children's creativity "Fifty Years of Peace", "Nevskaya Rainbow", "Golden Pelican" and in the festivals of children's ballet in the USA, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Austria and Hungary. It is not by chance that the ensemble keeps achieving better results. Many prizes are won at municipal, regional, All-Russian, international public showings, competitions and festivals.
- The prize-winner of the city's competition of children's choreographic ensembles in 1994, 1996. Saint Petersburg.
- The prize-winner of the international children's festival in 1996, 1998. Las-Vegas, San Francisco, the USA.
- The prize-winner of the international festival in 1998. Berlin.
- The prize-winner of the All-Russian festival of children's creativity in 1998. Saint Petersburg (five nominations).
- The prize-winner of the international festival "Nevskaya Raduga" in 1995, 1997, 1999. Saint Petersburg.
This ensemble is one of few groups that have a surprising variety of the repertoire and a big range of creative performance. With a great inspiration and love, the artists of the ensemble perform the dances of the peoples of the world, Russian folklore, modern dances and the classics. The ballet-masters A.Kondratyuk, S.Shkrobova, Yu.Aizina, T.Lebedeva, Z.Lyandgolf, E.Serezhnikov, V.Kamkov - an honoured artist of Tuvinskaya ASSR, artists T.Ostroumova, T.Bruny, I.Novikova and others assisted the group.
Today many people that attended "Kalinka" in their childhood bring their own children to this ensemble.
In 1992 "Kalinka" took part in the opening ceremony of Good Will Games. The meeting with the chief ballet-master of the Games revealed new creative potential of the group. The ensemble changed its style, reached a new level and a new tune in the creative work of its young performers. Modern choreography started to prevail in the group.
The ballet "Konek-Gorbunok" by Schedrin and Prokofyev music, "Blestyaschy Exersis" by Bize, Gershvin, Chaykovsky, Dola, Bakh music, "Pugachev" by Sviridov music were introduced to the repertoire. Together with folklore dancing, such dances as "Hello America", "Tango in a triple", "Mr. Jazz", "The way to infinity", "The legends of olden times", "Boys' games", "Expectation" gained popularity.
The group made an extraordinary ballet: some free fantasy on the subject of "Exersis" by I.-S.Bakh, R.Vagner, G.Gershvin, S.Rakhmaninov, "Choreographic improvisations" by A.Khachaturyan, A.Vivaldy, I.-S.Bakh, D.Vangelis. The favourite dance of the "Kalinka" boys is a vivid, energetic dance of young seamen where everyone can show flexibility and strength in making tricks and very complicated professional movements.
The improvisations born by creative impulse are presented by children to their parents - the most passionate spectators and experts. These improvisations often become a part of a concert.
No matter at what place the ensemble performs, its managers get certificates and letters of gratitude for the professional staging of different dances.
There are several concert programmes in the repertoire of the ensemble. They consist of folklore shows, variety shows, jazz turns, as well as choreographic compositions and fairy-tale miniatures.
Every year "Kalinka" presents a two-part concert programme in the big concert hall "Oktyabrsky" or the Hermitage theatre. It always upgrades its repertoire and adds the best pieces of Russian and foreign art.
There are more than seventy concert turns and three ballet productions in the repertoire of the ensemble.
Throughout the last ten years the children gave concerts in many Russian towns and abroad. Moscow, Riga, Odessa, Lvov, Khmelnitsky, Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakov, Koln, San-Luis-Obisko, Los Angeles and Berlin applauded them.
The ensemble has a developed system of choreography training for children from 6 till 18 years of age.
There is such a positive atmosphere in the ensemble that the children have a great desire to participate not only in choreography classes but also to communicate with their mates. "Kalinka" is the second home of the children where they learn how to do good work, make friends and respect one another. This is a very friendly and harmonious team with many traditions that are passed from one graduate to another.
There are a lot of students who go on mastering their choreography at institutions of higher education and in professional groups.
The ensemble actively cooperates with the city's methodical union of choreography instructors, assists school choreography instructors in methodology and consults them.
The participants of the ensemble spend much time together in the camp where they work, relax and create. The children love Lyudmila Mikhailovna Meyet and many other educators. The educators always join the activities of their students, share talent, soul and heart with them.
The trips to Germany to the friends from the ballet studio of Polina Grossman encourage the children and make them stronger as a team.
Saint-Petersburg "Kalinka" befriended Moscow "Kalinka", the ensemble "Happy Childhood" from Kharkov, the ensemble "Zorka" from Vitebsk, the ensemble "Zubrenok" from Minsk and the ensemble "Youth" from Kiev.
During its 31-year creative activity the ensemble has trained many specialists who now dance in the Mariinsky theatre, in the ensemble of Igor Moiseev, in military ensembles and in many ensembles abroad.

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